Our main talk:

The main talk: Chris Maden will talk about Python in the context of documentation and unit testing, including (the perils of) introspection, docstrings, doctest, and test-driven development.

And, as always:

Please note that we’re now meeting at the Makerspace, as we are more formally associated with them at this point

Detailed directions to the Makerspace:

The Makerspace is located in the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (basement), 202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana (same building as the post office that’s right by Lincoln Square Mall)

The Makerspace is a bit of a challenge to find, but we’ll have signs up. We’ll also be keeping an eye on this mailing list and info@py-cu.org (and our Meetup messages and our Facebook group and all the other places…) so contact us if you find the building but can’t find the room.