Come join us for our second event, Friday, March 1, 2013 in at the Champaign Public Library, in the Robeson Pavillion Room C at 6:30 PM


Main Talk

Robin Berthier, a Faculty Researcher at the University of Illinois, will be talking about the University Compromised Account Asssesment System (UCAAS), which he helped build. UCAAS was programmend in python, calling into the Weka machine learning tool. The frontend for the system is based on Django. More about UCAAS:

The University Compromised Account Assessment System (UCAAS) has been built to detect and report potentially compromised accounts. This system was developed and evaluated through collaboration between researchers and security analysts at the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan, and BBN Technology.

Breakout Sessions

We will break out into various sessions, based on interests of the people present. There have been a few suggested ideas, like:

But any topics are on the table!